Iconic looks with Alex and Olivia Bowen

If you've spotted our Eyecare Plan and wondered what two pairs of glasses to choose, Alex and Olivia Bowen are here to give you some inspiration. We've spent some time with the celebrity couple, recreating iconic glasses looks to show why a second pair is always a good choice.

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Over 20% of us are so inspired by celebrity glasses looks that they influence our choice of eyewear. Additionally, almost one in five of us owns more than three pairs due to the fear of breaking or losing our most essential fashion accessory.

Look One

Look Two

‘‘You really can transform your look just by wearing a stylish pair of glasses and that’s why we want to show off some of the best looks, and how effective a second pair of glasses can be. People assume stylish glasses are really expensive, but the Vision Express Eyecare Plan is a way to look after your eye health, feel confident and manage the cost - all in one.” – Alex Bowen

Look Three   

“When I wear my glasses - whether that's my prescription glasses or sunglasses, I become a more confident version of myself. That's why Alex and I were so excited to partner with Vision Express to not only showcase their wide range of designer glasses on offer, but to also show how easily a chic pair of glasses can transform how you look and feel. The Vision Express Eyecare Plan is an effective and affordable way for glasses wearers to always stay on trend.” – Olivia Bowen

Look Four

Why a second pair of glasses is always a good choice

As a nation, we are spending over £6 billion a year on glasses! With almost one in five of us owning more than three pairs because we fear breaking or losing our most-needed fashion accessory.

The Vision Express Eye Care Plan enables you to buy more than one pair of glasses and spread the cost over several monthly payments. The plan also includes several other great savings and benefits, including the cost of annual eye tests, a personalised frames consultation, and either two or three pairs of prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Additionally, those who subscribe to the plan will benefit from a 20% discount on each pair of glasses chosen and free lifetime servicing as standard.